Marriage And Cohabitation Agreements

No one starts a marriage believing it will end. The same is true for common law relationships. As a result, when starting a marriage or common law relationship, couples often avoid the difficult discussions about what would be fair if they were to separate.

With the growing awareness of the high rates of divorce and separation, however, many people are choosing to have these difficult conversations at the start of a relationship, rather than at the end. This helps them to build a shared understanding of their rights and responsibilities.

Marriage agreements and cohabitation agreements are written documents that clearly set out your agreed intention on how to share your assets, financial resources and future intentions for spousal support. It is believed that drafting an agreement while a couple lives in harmony will result in a reasonable, fair agreement, in an efficient amount of time, at a reasonable cost.

These agreements are becoming increasingly common for the following reasons:

  • Desiring to have the difficult conversations before entering into a formal marriage or common-law relationship
  • Providing predictability in governing individual and shared finances
  • Wishing to minimize the chance of costly court processes in the future
  • Protecting assets from a previous marriage
  • Protecting estate plans when entering a subsequent marriage or common law relationship

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