Drafting Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is exactly what it sounds like: It documents the decisions you and your former spouse or partner have made with regard to your separation. At Vale Family Law & Mediation, we understand that making these decisions is a difficult and often very personal process. We offer clear answers and candid advice on what the law says and how it may apply to your particular situation. Our goal is to ensure that you have confidence that the choices you make today will protect your rights and interests in the days to come. Our job is to negotiate on your behalf.

What Does A Separation Agreement Cover?

Broadly speaking, a separation agreement gives you a written record of the agreements the two of you make about how to divide your assets, possessions and time with your children once you are separated. Both married and unmarried couples can obtain separation agreements under British Columbia’s family laws. The process for obtaining a separation agreement is similar to that of divorce in that couples will talk about how to:

  • Divide shared property and debts
  • Make custody arrangements (parenting responsibilities) and provide support for any children
  • Determine whether either partner needs or should obtain financial support following the separation

Why Should I Use A Separation Agreement?

Unlike the court process that most people think of when they consider getting a divorce or separation, negotiating a separation agreement puts more control into your hands. You know your family and your needs best, and we believe you can be your best advocate with the right information. The process can also cut down on the costs of going to court and the time involved, as obtaining a court hearing can be a lengthy and costly process.

That being said, we also recognize that crafting an effective separation agreement requires the honest cooperation of all parties involved. If the other side refuses to act reasonably or matters cannot be resolved amicably, our lawyers are fully prepared to defend your rights and protect your interests in court. We can build on the discussions and perhaps minor agreements that have already taken place to seek the best possible outcome.

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