How much does an initial consultation cost?
Currently, our consultation fee is $300 including taxes. Follow-up consultations are $336 including taxes.

How much time is allotted for an initial consultation?
Generally between 60 and 90 minutes

How soon can I get in to see a lawyer?
It depends on the lawyer’s availability based on their current case load and court schedule. It can vary substantially. It is best to call the office and inquire about availability.

What is a conflict check?
We need to enter the name of your former spouse or other opposing parties into our system to ensure that we have not had any prior dealings with that person. If that is the case, we would not be able to represent you and would offer you a referral to another family law lawyer.

What are your ongoing hourly rates?
Currently, between $110 (paralegal) and $300 per hour. We respect client dollars, and as such we work hard as a team to achieve results for you in the most cost effective manner possible.

What are lawyer’s fees based on?
Legal fees are based on the time spent by the lawyer and the paralegal working on the file. You can expect to see that time set out clearly in the time sheets that are included with your bill. This allows you to see how your dollars are being spent as well as the activity on your file.