Common Questions About Mediation

Many people have questions about the mediation process: what’s involved, how long it takes and what it can accomplished. Our lawyers can answer those questions and guide you through the entire process if it is the right solution to your family law problem. The following represents some of the most common questions we receive, though we encourage you to talk with us directly about any concerns you might have.

What Issues Can Be Addressed In Mediation?

As a skilled family law lawyer mediator, Anouk Crawford is prepared to address all aspects of the separation and divorce in a mediation. Anouk has extensive experience in assisting parties settle disputes regarding:

  • Guardianship: How will decision-making occur for your children, now that you are separated?
  • Parenting time: What schedule is best for your kids?
  • Parenting responsibilities: How do you divide the tasks of day to day parenting, to best meet the needs of your kids?
  • Communicating with the children that you are separating: Reaching agreement on what will, and will not be said, to the children initially, and moving forward
  • Property division, including investments and pensions: Exploring the options available for property division that will meet each party’s priorities
  • Division of corporate assets: How to maintain or dissolve the corporate entities that you have built together
  • Debt division: Explore the options for dividing debt that will satisfy each party
  • Spousal support: How will spousal support play into our agreement?

Mediation can also be used to discuss:

  • Reunification of parent and child
  • Rebuilding parenting relationships
  • Cultural differences in parenting
  • Faith differences in parenting

Is It Possible To Have A Mediation If There Has Been Violence?

It is the mediator’s responsibility to explore with each party, in a confidential setting, what power imbalances exist and violence that may have occurred, and then structure the mediation in a manner in which both parties can feel safe. In some cases, that may mean that a mediation may not occur. In other cases, it can mean structuring the mediation so that each party is in a separate room, or that there are many one-on-one meetings with the mediator.

Mediation is not about mediating whether abuse or an abuse of power occurred; rather, it is about getting to a resolution so that each of you can get out of a damaging relationship. It is hoped that with a greater number of issues resolved, the stress between you can decrease, and each of you will have more financial and emotional room to live a full life.

Can We Begin Mediation If We Have Already Started A Court Process?

You can begin mediation at any time in your separation. Some couples come to mediation shortly after separating, while other couples come to mediation after having participated in a court process for months, even years.

How Long Will Mediation Take?

The length of mediation depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The number of issues that need to be resolved
  • Each person’s willingness to compromise
  • Each person’s willingness to explore options

Contact Us To Discuss Your Specific Questions

If you have further questions or wish to explore the possibility of mediation, contact our firm by email or by calling 604-858-9971 to set up a consultation with Anouk Crawford.