Helping You Navigate The Complexities Of Property Division

Aside from making agreements about children determining who gets what in a divorce is likely one of the most difficult parts of the process. At Vale Family Law & Mediation, we seek to minimize the difficulty of property division by educating you on your rights and by providing sound guidance and representation throughout the process. Our firm assists individuals in Chilliwack and the Fraser Valley who seek help with separation or divorce and related family law matters.

Common Points Of Contention When Dividing Property

We understand that dividing previously shared assets fairly is no easy task. Some of the more common issues that can arise include:

  • Determining which assets can be divided and which are considered “excluded” property, such as an inheritance or home that you owned before getting married or living together
  • Dividing shared debts fairly so that you are not overburdened with your ex’s financial responsibilities
  • Dividing complex assets like retirement accounts (RRSPs), insurance policies or investment income
  • Determining the value of the shareable portion of premarital assets or other excluded property
  • Obtaining the true value of intangible assets such as business interests and goodwill
  • Preventing the depletion or devaluation of assets prematurely, such as if your spouse spends down your savings account to prevent it from being divided

Our lawyers seek to facilitate productive discussions about property division that do not devolve into fruitless arguments. Many of our clients take advantage of mediation services for property division, wherein we can work with a mediator to resolve these matters. Alternatively, lawyer Anouk Crawford can serve as a neutral family law mediator to assist you and your spouse (and perhaps your separate counsel) to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement.

Experienced Representation When Matters Go To Court

Should your property division require court intervention, the court will look at ways to divide family property and debt fairly. Our job will be to prepare the evidence that supports your right to a share in the assets and only your fair share of family debt. At Vale Family Law & Mediation, our lawyers have extensive experience taking matters before the court. They will put that experience to work in helping you present the best possible case to the judge.

Learn More About Our Property Division Services

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