Are You Concerned About Spousal Support?

If you scaled back your hours or stopped working to care for your children, you likely have concerns about how to support yourself following your separation or divorce. We understand that you want to ensure that the amount of spousal support, if any, is appropriate to the situation.

At Vale Family Law & Mediation in Chilliwack, we will educate you on your rights when it comes to spousal support. We can help you whether you require support to move forward or you wish to prevent it from becoming an ongoing financial burden. We focus on obtaining reasonable solutions in a timely manner.

Factors To Consider When Spousal Support Matters To You

Negotiating spousal support can become an integral part of your separation or divorce. Spousal support, sometimes called spousal “maintenance,” is designed to allow someone to become financially independent within a reasonable amount of time. The amount and length of time will be different for each family. As such, we will discuss the following issues as they pertain to your particular situation:

  • The current employment or earning potential of each person
  • The length of your relationship
  • Your division of child care responsibilities, if applicable
  • Whether financial assistance is necessary to help the recipient become self-sufficient and what is a reasonable amount of time for this
  • The higher income earner’s ability to pay support, especially if child support must also be determined
  • Any agreements previously made about spousal support

Obtaining or preventing spousal support orders cannot be guaranteed if the matter goes to court, which is why our firm seeks to help individuals reach an agreement on their own, if possible. Our lawyers excel at helping clients resolve this important issue as part of a larger separation process through direct negotiation or in mediation.

That being said, we are equally adept at taking this matter before the court to protect your rights if an agreement cannot be reached. Our goal is to obtain a solution that works best for you, whether that means protecting you from financial hardship or preventing an unnecessary financial burden.

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