Episode-10-Guardianship and Parenting Responsibilities-12-14-2016

Truth be told, Anouk and Jessica had to stop recording multiple times to contribute to the Swear Jar as they explored the issue of guardianship. In this politely edited version, Anouk and Jessica set out the very limited use that the traditional terms of guardianship and custody have in BC’s current dialogue about parenting. You didn’t expect us to say that, did you? That’s right! Parenting discussions in a separation context are now governed by language that is rather uncommon in the broader society. Anouk and Jessica begin this discussion, and explore the new understanding of guardianship. AND… AND… they discuss Anouk’s most favorite section of the Family Law Act, section 41. How can any lawyer be excited about any piece of legislation? Just take a listen.

After all of that excitement, Anouk and Jessica take a critical look at "Joint parenting responsibilities" and the necessity of specificity in agreements. They consider the practical administration of family matters, and the responsibility of guardians to contribute to decision making for children productively rather than in a power-focused manner. Finally, Anouk and Jessica pull the term "CONTACT" out of the general social context and explore its legal meaning.