Episode-11-The Business of Parenting-12-22-2016

One of Anouk’s most favorite topics ever (aside from French cheese, singing, Netflix, and puppies) is explored: the Business of Parenting. In this episode, Anouk and Jessica dialogue about the usefulness of seeing a separated family structure as a business, the long-term benefits of this and strategies for moving the relationship from the past intimacy to a more focused dialogue of parenting. This includes creating a mission statement for your parenting relationship and how the ongoing reference to that mission statement can help guide you through the newness of parenting with your ex-partner. They discuss specific barriers and strategies to an effective parenting relationship, including:

  1. Moving away from the personal relationship;
  2. No longer seeking the praise of your ex-partner;
  3. Stop using your emotional unhappiness as the basis to enter a dialogue;
  4. Accept responsibility as a leader for your family;
  5. Do not speak poorly of your business partner
  6. Assess your opinions before sharing them and determine before sharing if it will realistically have some positive benefit.
  7. Move away from fighting about opinions and focus on the problem solving to achieve an outcome.

Enjoy the long pauses where Anouk and Jessica rifle thorough a bunch of swear words in their minds, while they search for terms that will not result in a complaint to the Law Society.