Episode-12-Introduction of Evidence-01-25-2017

In this rapid-paced and informative episode, Anouk and Jessica dig into the discussion of the fundamentals of evidence in the Family Law context. While exploring this issue, they examine: what evidence is, when do you need to bring evidence to the court, and the importance of making sure that the evidence you bring forward is relevant. They explore the difference between ‘verbal testimony’ and ‘written testimony’ and the implications and importance of making statements ‘under oath’.

Are you contemplating putting 17 letters into your affidavit about what an amazing parent you are and what a jerk the other person is? Before you do that, listen to the portion of the podcast where Anouk and Jessica discuss the issue of opinion evidence and its practical usefulness in the context of court. Leading with emotion is a common challenge for many of us, but does it really help in court? And dare I say, did I just hear you say ‘Hearsay’? You’ve heard that word before, but Anouk and Jessica take a stab at explaining what it means. Finally, Anouk and Jessica talk about how to enter documents as evidence both in court and in your affidavit.