Episode-13-Expert Evidence-02-07-2017

Anouk and Jessica wade into the complex question of, "Who is an expert in court?", "What is it that an expert witness can provide in court?" and "How is an expert introduced in court?" With a focus on how expert testimony is often requested in family law, Anouk and Jessica explore the types of expert opinions that are often requested in the family law context including:

  • Annual income reports
  • Section 211 reports (and how this is different from a "Views of the Child Report")
    • privately funded reports vs. publicly funded reports
  • Doctor’s report vs. independent medical exam regarding ability to work
  • Provincial Property Assessment vs. property appraisal

A common dispute that arises in family law disputes is a disagreement between parties on which expert to retain. Anouk and Jessica explore how such a dispute is resolved.

Once you have your expert report, is it reasonable to expect that expert witness will attend at court to testify?