Teri McEachern

Teri was born and raised in Chilliwack and raised her son in Chilliwack.  She is likely the first face you see when you walk into Vale Family Law & Mediation, or your first point of contact by phone.  She is warm, welcoming and brings a great deal of understanding to each person that walks in the door.  She is often referred to as our “Den Mother” and creates a very loving environment at Vale.  In addition to all of these qualities Teri is an integral part of our team when it comes to file management and having the office run smoothly.

Prior to being at Vale Family Law & Mediation, Teri had many years of experience as a legal assistant in the family law arena. 

Outside of work, Teri has a strong network of family and friends that she enjoys spending time with. Teri is a committed animal lover and adds to our community in small and big ways to make it a more vibrant and peaceful place.